Understanding How They Can Help Build Your Business Team

It’s no secret that incorporating unique corporate event ideas into your professional mix can play a critical role in building camaraderie amongst your business team members. However, all too often, entrepreneurs assume that the only benefit unique corporate event ideas offer is helping to strengthen the ever-critical personal relationships between current employees. This simply isn’t the case. For many business owners, incorporating unique corporate event ideas into the routines of their employees can yield an extensive range of impressive benefits including:

Eliminating boundaries: For many co-workers, finding that sense of team can prove an ever-elusive entity. Instead, we relegate ourselves to an “us” versus “them” mentality. Convening for team-building events offers an opportunity to eliminate boundaries between your employees for a more successful, productive work environment.

Enhancing communication: Company functions, particularly sports-oriented activities, bring together teams to work toward achieving common goals. What’s the best way to achieve these goals together? Through communication. Not only will your staff have to work together during the event, they’ll also have to talk with one another for ultimate success.

Bring to light strengths and weaknesses: Yes, chances are, there are both strengths and weaknesses within your organization that you probably haven’t identified yet. Encouraging staffers to engage in a sporting competition or other fun activity can provide a safe place to pinpoint exactly what is working within your organization… and what could use a little tweaking for better results in the future.

Increase trust: Having your staff rely on each other for results outside of the office can truly help increase overall trust in a fun, stress-free process. While building that trust, many employers find that their staff can also improve creativity, constructive problem solving, and even the organization overall.

Long-lasting results: Most importantly, when encouraging a team-building day with staff, many business owners find that their workforce is able to enjoy sustainable results that last far after the function itself has ended. Both group advantages as well as individual improvements can be brought back to the office for maximum return on investment that, oftentimes, can become part of the new corporate culture.

What To Look For When Choosing Unique Corporate Event Ideas

Once you’re ready to put together a day of building camaraderie in your workforce, it’s important to find the right type of function for everyone. What’s a popular choice for business owners? An indoor sporting arena. No matter what industry your business operates in, or the size and scope of your organization, an indoor sporting arena can prove an ideal forum for you to convene your workforce for a fun activity.

A quality facility will offer a wide range of options when planning your day. You should be able to choose from an extensive variety of sporting activities such as soccer, baseball, basketball and even flag football. Of course, nothing says that you have to choose from a specific list of professional, organized sports; a diverse facility will also allow you the flexibility to create your own itinerary of events. You can get as creative as you want planning fun and casual events such as various footraces (think skipping, 3-legged and backwards), different dodge ball themes and even childhood games like jump rope and tag. No matter what your overall team-building vision, a quality facility will have the resources to quickly turn it into a reality.

The Key for Successful Results

Any company that deals with project management knows how important communication is in the overall results of the project. Some experts might venture out and say the communication is one of the most important factors in how a project gets completed. The project team is usually comprised from a very diverse group of people, each one of them having various tasks and ideas. This is why in order to improve project communication managers should consider investing in some tools that will help their staff pass on various pieces of information easier and establish an open line of communication at all times.

Staff connection is crucial in any project, regardless of its field. Something new can come up at any time and when it does, a project manager needs to make sure that the news will reach each team member in a very effective time frame. Staying in touch with the team is very important in any project, especially when you are dealing with a time-sensitive situation. To this extent, having a communication platform through which people could send massages to the entire team can be very useful. They could talk with each other in real time, even if they may not be in the same room or building. Many times a project involves people from various cities and even various countries, so having a tool that ensures staff connection is very important. No matter the project a company may have, communication will always be a part of it, which is why managers need to make sure their team will be well connected and will be able to complete their tasks successfully.

Everyone expects great results, but they are achieved through hard work and aid from tools such as communication platforms. There are professional providers on the market that supply companies with the right platforms through which they can establish a strong line of communication. Even though many people might think that communicating in a project is very easy, when you get involved in a certain matter, you discover that things are not always as easy as they appear from the outside. Certain aspects may become urgent and when this happens, project managers need to make sure their team has everything it takes to handle that situation successfully and obtain the wanted results.

To conclude, when your company has a project undergoing, you need to provide your team with the proper tool to establish a firm staff connection line. When the team members can work together properly and pass on information without any problems, the results will soon begin to show. Since most providers offer work communication platforms at very good rates and even free for a certain number of users, you can rest assured that you will not have to allow a very large budget for such a tool. One thing is for sure, when you allow your project team to communicate successfully, you can definitely expect to receive excellent results and have the project completed in no time.

9 Steps to Building Your Ultimate Team Culture

1. Work out a Vision for the Team

Get all potential and current team members together to brainstorm: “what will be happening in the team when it’s functioning well and doing what it should be doing?” This is your vision for the future you’re working towards.

When doing this, shelve the current practices and ways of thinking. Put the practicalities and current reality to one side for now. This is about what the team want it to look like if they had the choice. This part is very important as you don’t want the team to be limited by the potential constraints of current thinking.

Write down what will that vision look like in terms of what each team member will See, Hear and Feel going on around them. Be as specific as possible – the more specific, the better.

Write each of these points down on a separate sheet of coloured A4 paper, each with a heading of See, Hear or Feel and stick them up on a wall. Alternatively you could use coloured post-it notes if space is limited.

2. What Behaviours and Actions Need to Happen to Make that Vision Come to Life?

Get the team to express what behaviours they need to Start, Stop or Keep doing to make that vision happen. Make sure the focus stays on the vision and doesn’t descend into the current reality, especially if that current reality is not too flash.

3. Park Problems

If problems arise, all agree that you will park them temporarily instead of going into detail about them. Write them down on the paper, stick them somewhere relatively out of view. You can come back and look at them later. The idea is to focus on the solution and practical, positive things you want to achieve, not focus on the problems. And anyway, often the problems ‘miraculously’ seem to disappear as things progress.

4. Decide Actions

As Thomas Edison said, “vision without execution is just hallucination”. Vision determines what you want. Strategy and tactics determine how you do it. Action – and persistent, continual action that relates to the vision – determines what you get.

The mistake most people make in any facilitation (or any training, Executive Coaching, self-help seminars, etc.) is that they don’t translate all the lovely visioning and strategy-making into cold, hard, rubber-meets-the-road action for when they get out of the room.

So the next step is to allocate actions to each thing you want to Start, Stop or Keep doing. Forget the long term, focus on the first action people need to take when they walk out of the room. It could be as simple as “book a meeting with all of the team to agree the top 8 most important teamwork behaviours”. The idea is that action will then cascade into further action.

5. Prioritise

Prioritise what you want to achieve in order of importance ideally, then time/urgency. As Stephen Covey says, “urgent isn’t necessarily important, so beware of the distinction as you decide priority for each item”.

6. Accountability: Allocate Responsibility to EACH Action

Make sure every action has at least (and ideally just!) one person who is responsible for executing it. Write that person’s name on the paper so that they have ownership of it.

7. Accountability: Decide Start and Due Dates

After deciding personal responsibility for the action, set a timeline. And set a start date as well as a due date. You need a due date, of course, but set a start date as to when the action needs to commence to make sure everything is done by the due date.

We see from experience in our Time Management training, when people work purely on due dates, things often get left until the last minute and are consequently rushed, done poorly or the due date is missed entirely due to lack of prior planning. In 3 months time when the due date is the next day and you’re still stressing, you’ll wish you’d started today!

8. Summarise Action

Summarise who’s going to do what and when, make accountability pacts if you can.

9. Put Actions in your Calendar/Diary!

As we teach in our Time Management course, put your actions in your diary/calendar on the start date and make sure you note the due date. Otherwise they’re likely to sit in your notebook or electronic notes and nothing happens.

How to Earn A Million Dollars Quickly From Only 1,000 Dollars or Less – Real Investment Tips

Earning a million dollars is something that enthuse a lot of people. This becomes more interesting when you need to start with a mere 1,000 dollars or less in many instances. Investing 1,000 dollars with the traditional banks will earn you just small returns or profits. These banks are said to hold low risk portfolio hence definitely, the returns are expected to be lower. This means that earning a million dollars from a 1,000 dollars or less cannot occur quickly with the banks but only by the use of avenues as outlined below.

The first tip is to look for investments where compounding is available. These are investment opportunities that add the profits of the previous month to the current month before reinvestment at the same interest rate. For example if 1000 dollars is invested at 10% a month. The interest which is $100 is added to the principal of 1000 dollars making it $1100 to attract the same 10% interest and so on. It will amazed you to discover that some companies offer as much as 10% daily return based on your risk tolerance level. These investments are risky even though lucrative. The only thing you need to do is proper due diligence before starting any such investments. The traditional banks as noted earlier will not make it possible to have this kind of opportunities. It is therefore necessary to tend to some of the non-conventional sources such as an online investment which provides a very quick way of reaping some good profits.

Another important tip is to find an investment opportunity that deals in commodities. Your best strategy is to find a product with a less face value than what it can be sold for. This is the concept of ‘intrinsic value’. Some goods and services are sold all over the place with prices extremely lower than how much they should have been sold for. If you can locate such goods and bought them, depending on your negotiating skills and the interest of the buyer, you can even get double or 100% profit. Some of these goods and services with low prices but higher intrinsic values are available in mass quantity especially on the internet. This method has been used by many merchants across the globe and it is still being used today.

The best part of this is that you may not even need to start with 1,000 dollars but with any amount that you can be comfortable with. As you accumulate money and become comfortable with these methods then you can add many more techniques. Whether it is Ivory, precious metals, artifacts or monetary bills, that you are interested in; over a some time period, making a million dollar beginning with 1,000 or even less could be achieved with minimum or no risk if you master the above tips sooner than later!

Starting An Online Business And Bringing It To Full Potential

Starting an online business is easy, but bringing it to full potential can be difficult. How do you increase the chances of success for your online business? Here are some quick tips that you may find useful.

Tip 1: Start a business that you enjoy running. Very often, business owners start businesses purely for the sake of money. They spot an opportunity and think that it’s a great chance to make money, and they start the business immediately. After a couple of months, they lose interest in the business and the web business is left to die a natural death due to neglect. So never ever choose to start a business that you know you won’t enjoy running. Even if you fail to make money, you would have enjoyed the process and gotten something out of the experience.

Tip 2: Read up on Internet Marketing. Many business owners think that they can just start up an online website, create some content, post some products and then the sales will just start to roll in. Unfortunately, web businesses don’t work that way. You have to be prepared to spend time and resources marketing the website to make it successful. Pick up on PPC tactics, article marketing, forum marketing and other traffic generation methods. Then use them to generate traffic for your website. Without traffic, your web business is as good as dead.

Tip 3: Manage your cash flow properly. This is taught in all business schools. Cash flow is like blood coursing through your body. Without healthy cash flow, your business will soon grind to halt. If you can’t keep up with your bills, your web business will soon go underground. So manage your spending properly and if possible, hire a professional to monitor the accounts for you. The primary responsibility of this professional is to warn you if there are any signs that the business may run into trouble with its finances.

Tip 4: Get healthy investment. Look at all the great web businesses around you. Usually, they start off with a healthy dose of funding. So if you are good at raising investments, your web business stands a much better chance of doing well on the Internet. Besides money, investors also bring their expertise to the table and add more value to the business.

Tip 5: Put in consistent effort. Don’t just start up a web business and then leave it to run on its own after the first couple of months. It takes months (or years) of consistent effort for a web business to become successful. If you rest of your laurels and leave the business to run itself, thinking that it will succeed on its own, you may be in for a rude surprise.

Investment Tips Everyone Should Follow

Investing is a difficult game with huge rewards if you get things right, and huge losses if you get them wrong. Despite what others may make you believe, investing is less risky than you may perceive. If you take the right precautionary steps, you can easily avoid most newbie mistakes that may lead to losses.

So what are the things you should be wary of when you enter the investment game?

First of all, you should take advantage of opportunities whenever they present themselves. As a newbie, you may be guilty of sitting on the fence too long and not investing soon enough. By the time the average newbie actually gets around to investing in an opportunity, it has long been sucked dry by other investors.

This also means that you should start investing early in your life. Don’t wait until you are 40 to start investing; the sooner you begin the better. Any money that you can set aside should be invested wisely. The sooner you start investing, the sooner you start seeing gains. Moreover, if you invest early in life, you have the chance to recover from mistakes before you hit retirement age.

Next, while you should be wary of opportunities, you should be a bit bold in your investments. Many people tend to invest only a small portion of their savings into stocks or options and put the rest into a savings account where it accrues little interest. By being a bit more aggressive in your investment strategy, you could mutliply your returns ten fold.

When it comes to investment, remember that there are no real experts. You may read up reams upon reams of research on the markets, spend hours reading investment magazines, or follow the wisdom of gurus, in the end, you will have to follow your gut instinct. Following the herd mentality will mostly give you low returns. Remember Warren Buffet’s oft-quoted formula: “be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful”.

Finally, make sure that you diversify your investments. You don’t want to wake up one day and find all your life savings gone because you invested in a dead beat stock. Invest in multiple stocks, and multiple financial instruments to even out your financial risk.

Investments: Leverage, Other People’s Money, Credit Report

When anyone mentions defective leverage, what comes to mind? Getting that I plan in the oilfield, the aboriginal affair that I anticipate of is a bilker pipe. This is a apparatus that is placed on the end of a aqueduct bend acclimated to accommodate added leverage. The advantage comes in the anatomy of added force to bind or alleviate bolts or a area of threaded pipe. For investing, advantage is referred to as advance a baby bulk of basic or borrowing basic that yields a college acknowledgment in accord to the money bare for the investment.

If you accept anytime taken a academy on investing, I am abiding that you accept heard the bolt byword “Other People’s Money” befuddled about like it is simple to obtain. One way we can advantage our basic by application “Other People’s Money” is accepting a accommodation from a coffer for an investment such as rental property. If applying for a accommodation you wish the best acclaim account possible. A acclaim address is a acceptable apparatus you can use to advice you administer your acclaim rating.

Leverage – If investing, you wish to advantage your money. By leveraging your capital, you can aerate your allotment for your continued appellation investments. This will acquiesce you to abound your investments faster and on a beyond scale. My primary affair with leveraging basic is growing too fast. If you are like me, you will amplitude your assets to activate investing. Although I accept an avenue plan for my investments to accumulate myself from accepting in agitation with my finances, I can see how simple it would be to abound too fast already you accept a little success with your investment strategy. I attention anyone leveraging their basic not to abound too fast. The endure affair you wish to acquaintance is an abrupt botheration with your action that would could cause you to ruin your acclaim score. Always do your due activity above-mentioned to leveraging your capital. As you access added acquaintance in investing, you will be able to access your leverage. Avoid getting adventuresome with your investments.

Other People’s Money – This is a bolt byword that anybody brand to use if talking about investing. “Other People’s Money” is a anatomy of acceptable debt. This money about comes in the anatomy of a accommodation or credit. If planning to use “Other People’s Money” to advantage your capital, your acknowledgment on your investment accept to be college than the absorption activated to the basic borrowed. If I use “Other People’s Money” I try to anticipation boundless banknote breeze in adjustment to reinvest in my investments.

Credit Address – One advantage of managing your acclaim through a acclaim address is to adviser your credit. A acclaim address will advice you actuate if anyone has baseborn your character which could ruin your credit. It aswell shows your weaknesses in your acclaim address which could advice you plan on areas in an accomplishment to lower your acclaim score. The college your acclaim score, the lower your absorption amount you authorize for if applying for loans to advantage your capital; therefore, it is acute that you accept the best acclaim account accessible to aerate your investments. For added advice on acclaim letters see my bedfellow blogger address Know Your Acclaim Score.

I try to focus on investments that acquiesce me to advantage my capital. I aswell try to advance in assets that I accept added ascendancy over. Although I do advance a baby allocation of my basic in the Banal Market, I do not use the Banal Market as the primary car for banking freedom. The actuality that we accept bound ascendancy of the banal that we acquirement and we cannot access a accommodation to advance in the Banal Market is the acumen the Banal Market is not my adopted car for my investments.

Mutual Fund Investment Tips

Fund selection is the most difficult and important part of mutual fund investment. Investment procedure is also vital. If you have start investing, then you will have a clear idea about the procedure. So to start investing, you should have knowledge about both procedure and selection. Tips for both selection and procedure are listed below here.

Mutual Fund Investment Tips:


  • Return percentage, manager profile, dividends and Net Asset Value are the important details to be collected. The information can be collected in many ways.
  • Brokers can give information. Still, cross checking is mandatory. Past and present fund holders can give creative ideas to tackle difficult situation. These ideas may help you to take crucial decisions in time.
  • Online companies and websites contain return percentage, dividends and Net Asset Value. Past return percentage of the scheme for 6 months, 1 year, 3 year and 5 years should be checked compulsorily. Net asset value is the rate at which the units are being traded. This value of the unit is also vital.
  • Fund manager takes decision at time of market crisis. So, he is an important person. He is responsible for the profit and loss of the plan. So, his profile must be checked to know about his decision making skills.


  • You can apply through broker. Some companies have facilities of online application form.
  • In broker case, application form should be filled and cheque must be passed. You will receive statement after the units are allotted.
  • In online application form, the form can be filled in online. The money can also be transferred in online.

Non Directional Trading Tips – Investing in a Large Amount

The uses of non directional trading tips have given businessmen and investors a fresh and more informed knowledge and perception on the field of business and trading. Basically, the non directional trading tips advocates the traders to engage in any form of market which is not in jeopardy of losing value. This could be done through an evasive form of business strategy which involves the currency trading market.

Currencies are a very fluid form of commodity due to its ever changing value and position in the market. Basically, this can be attributed to the unstable economic and socio political factors which are found in the localities of the country. When one of them falls, the currency would surely go down.

The best way to earn using the non directional trading tips is to bet the money and resources of the trader and marketer regularly towards the winning direction. This is possible in the currency trading market since the only requirement is to know which currency would increase in value and which would depreciate. This is the only tricky part. The buy and sell phase of the currency trading mechanism demands the most accurate and precise timing to achieve maximum earnings and income.

But trading the currency prior to increase in value, the interest would serve as the income of the investor. The non directional trading tips is the best way to have a very clear view of how currencies would react to the market. By investing in a large amount in a currency, the resultant interest would result to greater income.

Five Smart Tips – Investing For Boomers – It’s About More Than Just Money!

Like most of my boomer friends, I’ve watched my hard-earned money invested in the stock market melt away before my eyes. Down 30 – 40 – now 50%!!!

If I were 25 I wouldn’t be so concerned. There’s lots of time for the market to get bullish again when you are only 25. But as a midlifer, time is not so long-term and it’s likely the market will never give back what it has taken away in the time I have left before my retirement. In fact, at this point retirement itself is a big question mark.

So what is a boomer – a person in mid-life to do? In what should I invest to make my money grow faster, stronger?

Here are five tips for the midlife investor:

#1. Go Green! – Despite the economic downturn, the U.S. of A. is a country filled with creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. The government finally recognizes the need to fight global warming and supporting the use of alternative fuels is the way to go. Money is finally being focused on the development of new ways of creating the energy our economy needs to grow.

Green investments are going to blossom and gain market share. The future is bright and your money will certainly grow as the green industry flourishes. And now, when the market is low, is the time to buy.

Tip # 2: Invest in Yourself!

One of the best investments you can make these days is in your own education!!! While the market goes on its roller coaster straight down into the caverns… you can choose to invest in learning something new. It’s a great time to take that extra course to fine tune skills you already have, or to develop a new skill that can integrate well with what you already know.

Don’t have much time? Community Colleges often have short-term evening classes that are geared to help you learn quickly. Take six weeks, one evening a week and learn something you’ve always wanted to know. Get away from the T.V. for a night and invest in your mind.

Don’t have much discretionary cash right now? There are thousands of on-line tutorials you can access for FREE. Need to learn a new software program, or learn a new task with the programs you already use?

TIP # 3: Invest in Your Health

One of the smartest investments you can make is in taking TIME to EAT RIGHT. It’s all in the choices you make.

I know, you are way too busy with work, home, kids, grand-kids, clubs, volunteering, whatever- we all have excuses for grabbing the Big Mac or the fast food prepared dinner from the grocery freezer. But if you don’t eat healthy now, it’s almost guaranteed that your body will rebel somehow, someway, sometime soon!!!

In a recent book: Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat: Secrets of My Mother’s Tokyo Kitchen by Naomi Moriyama, the author focuses on the remarkable health of the women of this Asian country. Diet makes a big difference. Taking the time to eat properly is something you deserve!

As a college student in New York, eating fast food, nibbling on salt and sugar laden morsels, Naomi who had always been petite, blossomed into an overweight blob. She was heading for serious health problems, when four years later, she finally returned to her native Japan and the healthy eating habits of her childhood. The change to her health was remarkable. She shares her experience in this simple straightforward account and offers delicious recipes that will help you invest in your own health.

TIP # 4: Invest in a Good Time

Most of us take life way too seriously. Sure we have problems, every one does. But don’t dwell on them. In this time of economic turmoil, it’s a good idea to stay away from TV News, newspapers and radio shows that focus only on what’s wrong with the world. It’s time to focus on what is going right. If listening to the evening news-especially just before your head hits the pillow-gets you up at night, or never lets you sleep… then STOP listening to the evening news.

Don’t worry, the world is not going anywhere. If you need to, check in once a week… Meet the Press on Sunday morning with a cinnamon roll and a cup of coffee… that’s not a bad way to see what’s going on in the outside world.

I’m not suggesting you hide your head in the sand, though some people may just need that right about now. Take yourself to a museum. Read a good book. Take yourself to a play, or a movie. Spend the $10 and even indulge in some popcorn!

Sign up for a dance class, get involved in a community volunteer group. Meet new people. One of them might be the new romance you’ve been waiting for.

Do something really fun for yourself.

TIP # 5: Dream Out of the Box!

Last night I received a phone call from RCI. (A time-share exchange company.) The young man was trying to persuade me to buy into a cruise vacation plus 2 week vacation package deal. Cost: only $2,490 for two. Wowsa! Such a deal!

A half hour before he called I was busily working on my tax return for 2008 so money or the lack of it was on my mind. Bad timing for the salesman. But it got me thinking about tip #5 for midlife investors: Invest in your dreams!

True, I was not prepared to use my credit card to pre-purchase a cruise/vacation right then and there. But the price quoted was not outrageous. And with a little preparation and planning, it might be just the thing to enjoy sometime in the future. (RCI might have gotten a better response if they had sent me a series of postcards letting me know the phone call was coming… whet my appetite, get me thinking, make me think I had won a prize when they called out of the blue! – but that’s a marketing issue for another time.)

Saving for a dream is the fifth tip for midlife investors. Take those initial ideas, expand them, go to the edge of your thoughts and then push a little further. Dream the future into being. You can do it.

Invest in your dreams.